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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Paintings from Jan to March


Prashanth.M said...

nice work..especially the last one with silhouttes!

could you also describe the medium and base?

keep it up!

praveena said...

Thank You for your time and comments Prashanth.

I did all the paintings with oils(Winsor and Newton) on stretched cotton canvas.

I am quite new to oils so did not try other materials much. I gave a shot at oils on wood but did not turn out well.Have to try again.

Prashanth.M said...

aha...Oils are good...also try Acrylic if you want to have a fast painting and don't have to work much. Also acrylic is good for impressionistic stuff.

best of luck!

and yes...yours are paintings ...not sketches. Sketches are done using a single medium- pencil, pen, crayons or charcoal! :) JFYI

tink said...

beautiful paintings. love the color usage!!you sure are talented :)

చేతన said...

Don't know if the class you were/are taking is related to landscapes, or you have a special liking for landscapes and especially water. :-) Improvement in leaps and bounds. I guess I now know what you meant when you said you liked one of Pavan's fotos. Keep it up Praveena. Will email you about other stuff.

Anonymous said...

very nice paintaining.

ఫణీంద్ర said...

All are great. Particularly 3rd one and 5th one—loved them.

Venu said...

Beautiful paintings. I like the

and 6th.

They are natural !
:) Good job !

Pradeepa said...

Hi Praveena,

Beautiful paintings. I liked the sunset painting a lot.


kishore said...

nice work..

Swarna said...

Hello Praveena,
Nice work. Love all your paintings.