My Paintings

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Experimenting the Style
I did these paintings as a study during my class at
West Hartford Art League under Mr.Brain Cobalt.
I am glad I took this class as it opened a door for experimenting.
I had no idea such painting styles existed.
Impressionist Ruins.
A study on Impressionism. I loved this style. No pressures on colour mixing.Mostly out of the tube colours and concentration only on the value. I will definitely trying more and larger paintings in this style.
Pointillist Shepherd

Study on pointillism. I submitted for a student show at the art league. As usual I did not take a good photograph. Well before I started this I was very sure of not getting till the end of the painting as it needed a lot of patience. A painting with just different colours of dots put together? I was sure I would not like it. I was wrong it was quite interesting.

This was a still life setting during the class.

Lost in Thought - Expressionism
I did this as a study for my painting class.I had a very tough time giving a gloomy look to this painting. I am not sure how far I am successful. Initially I thought of working on the woman towards more realist but later changed my mind to keep things vague. I could not take a proper picture of the painting though.