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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Experimenting the Style
I did these paintings as a study during my class at
West Hartford Art League under Mr.Brain Cobalt.
I am glad I took this class as it opened a door for experimenting.
I had no idea such painting styles existed.
Impressionist Ruins.
A study on Impressionism. I loved this style. No pressures on colour mixing.Mostly out of the tube colours and concentration only on the value. I will definitely trying more and larger paintings in this style.
Pointillist Shepherd

Study on pointillism. I submitted for a student show at the art league. As usual I did not take a good photograph. Well before I started this I was very sure of not getting till the end of the painting as it needed a lot of patience. A painting with just different colours of dots put together? I was sure I would not like it. I was wrong it was quite interesting.

This was a still life setting during the class.

Lost in Thought - Expressionism
I did this as a study for my painting class.I had a very tough time giving a gloomy look to this painting. I am not sure how far I am successful. Initially I thought of working on the woman towards more realist but later changed my mind to keep things vague. I could not take a proper picture of the painting though.


చేతన said...

Praveena, bagunnayi. Inka classes teesukuntunnava?

praveena said...

Ledu chetana July lo 4 portrait classes ki vella anthe.

Prashanth.M said...

absolutely lovely, Praveena.
I think the impressionist ruins ranks the best in the set!!

looking forward for more!

చేతన said...

Classes you took really did some good to you. !! I hope rest is all fine!

Anonymous said...

good work buddy!

praveena said...

Prashanth, thank you.

Chetana,avunu I feel the same way...I want to go for more classes..just hope things work out.

చేతన said...

Praveena, Look at the sketches in the blog given below.

vc said...

The "Impressionist Ruins" is awesome....very rustic and realistic feel to the painting, awesome! good luck for your show, although i know you won't be there...but i feel u shud go!