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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pond Image
Completed in Oct-06
This is my most recent sketch and for the first time I tried with professional colour pencils. I learnt that I dint buy the right kind of pencils but anyways enjoyed working with them.
Gossip at the river bank
Completed in May-06
This sketch is very important to me as it is my first sketch with my own idea. I took a number of photographs and paintings as a source with some imagination too.I had the idea and started searching for the appropriate source. This is my first sketch which is not a straight copy from others paintings or photographs.

A river runs through it

Completed around Sep-04

Source: Still from the movie "A River Runs Through It"

Sketching a perfect landscape is like a dream for me. The above 2 sketches are not completely landscape drawings but at least the background is related. My dad made a very big copy of this sketch to keep it in our house.

2002 Sketches

This is my initial collection and I am glad that there is an improvement in my sketches. The source for these sketches:Few posters that are generally sold on streets, post cards and greeting cards and my friend's(Swarna) address book.

Inspired From Natalia Pierandrei's art work

I completed these drawings in engineering final year(2003).I wanted to make a diary for a friend of mine as a birthday gift.I never tried in colours till then and was not interested in making a diary with pencil drawings.I was not sure of the idea as I am very bad at imagination(i mean to draw on my own). I confirmed the idea when I was introduced to Natalia Pierandrei's art work by Reethi.I thank Satya for scanning the pictures as I dint make a copy then.This experiance gave me confidence that I could try something in colours too.I tried everything that was at hand to draw these...colour pencils,pens,crayons and sketch pens. It's been a long time I did these sketches and I am glad that there is an improvement in the sketches I do now.

Monday, October 30, 2006

More Devotional sketches

Venkateshwara Swamy
Completed in early 2003
My Best Sketch till date
Every one at home was making fun of me when I started this,as I was doing it on an A4 size paper and the post card had too many details(specially ammavaru on both sides) to clearly show on a small printout paper . The result surprised every one at home including me.I did this for a friend of mine and was even planning to give him the original but gave him a copy as I was not sure if I would be able to draw anything like this one.

Sita-Rama-Lakshmanulato Hanumantudu
Completed in July-06
Its my first sketch on a 18/24 size paper(Thanks to my sister who insisted on buying it-I was not sure if I would be able to draw on a paper of that size).I started this on the request of Indu .She made a copy of this on a 24/36 sheet and arranged it beautifully for pooja.
Completed around Aug-03
Source:A photo frame from Indu's (my friend) home.
I wanted to try a sketch with colour pencils . My first shoping in US was for colour pencils.I had very high expectations on the pencils but was not aware that they were general colour pencils. Initial look was a disaster, so later tried out others tools like sketch pens, pens and crayons to get this look.
Over confidence- I overlooked my sister's point that the Lingam was not straight while I was doing the outline itself...later it was too late to make any changes.

Completed around Nov-03
I wanted to show this to my dad badly n dint know that there was a scanner in the school lab...walked a long way to Kinkos to do it.

Completed in June-06
The facial expressions dint come out well and wanted to show this at Parashakthi temple Detroit(my sister is a volunteer there).I wanted to re do it after reaching my sister's place but unfortunately lost few of my best sketches in the airport and this was one of them.

Shiridi Sai-Satya Sai
Completed around April-04
I am not good at potraits and you can make it out seeing Satya Sai baba. I combined two photographs to sketch this one.
Completed around Dec-03
This is one of my favorite sketches, I did this combining different paintings and slight imagination too.

Completed around March-04

Proportions of lord Siva are not correct, but I din't realise it until my sister pointed it out. I like the way the cow turned out.

Completed in 2002(don't remember which month)
This was my first sketch where I tried shading.I did the outline and kept it aside for a month as I was not sure about how to shade.This is a perfect example: I generally don't have patience to work on a sketch after a certain time. I worked hard on this but dint have the patience to draw the mouse properly.

Completed in Aug-03

I was very skeptical when I started this as I was drawing after a long gap.

Completed in Feb-05

"Ganesha" dint come out that well but this sketch took a very long time and I dint have patience to work on this any longer

Radha Krishnulu
My akka laughs when ever she sees this sketch.She likes the background more than the main.
Completed around Jan-05

Meera-My dad fixed this to the glass display in our house.

Completed around Dec-04

I somehow don't like the features in his face but it was too late to make any corrections.

Completed around May-04

Meera-I did this on the request of my friend Meena.This came out good only because of my Dad's feedback on the initial drawing.

Source:A photo frame at my grandmothers house.

Completed around Sep-02

Bala Gopaludu
Kaaliya Mardhanam
Completed around Oct-04

Venna Donga
Completed around Feb-05

Chinni Krishnudu
Completed around March-o4

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Below are few of my sketches inspired from Ravi Verma's paintings.I will upload more in future.
Source:Paintings of the great artist "RAJA RAVI VERMA"
Completed around March-04

Lady With Fruits
Source:Paintings of the great artist "RAJA RAVI VERMA"
Completed around Nov-03

Lady in Moon Light
Source:Paintings of the great artist "RAJA RAVI VERMA"
Completed in Dec-04

Malabar Woman
Source:Paintins of the great artist "RAJA RAVI VERMA"
Completed around march-05

Source:Paintings of the great artist "RAJA RAVI VERMA"
Completed around April-04