My Paintings

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pond Image
Completed in Oct-06
This is my most recent sketch and for the first time I tried with professional colour pencils. I learnt that I dint buy the right kind of pencils but anyways enjoyed working with them.
Gossip at the river bank
Completed in May-06
This sketch is very important to me as it is my first sketch with my own idea. I took a number of photographs and paintings as a source with some imagination too.I had the idea and started searching for the appropriate source. This is my first sketch which is not a straight copy from others paintings or photographs.

A river runs through it

Completed around Sep-04

Source: Still from the movie "A River Runs Through It"

Sketching a perfect landscape is like a dream for me. The above 2 sketches are not completely landscape drawings but at least the background is related. My dad made a very big copy of this sketch to keep it in our house.

2002 Sketches

This is my initial collection and I am glad that there is an improvement in my sketches. The source for these sketches:Few posters that are generally sold on streets, post cards and greeting cards and my friend's(Swarna) address book.

Inspired From Natalia Pierandrei's art work

I completed these drawings in engineering final year(2003).I wanted to make a diary for a friend of mine as a birthday gift.I never tried in colours till then and was not interested in making a diary with pencil drawings.I was not sure of the idea as I am very bad at imagination(i mean to draw on my own). I confirmed the idea when I was introduced to Natalia Pierandrei's art work by Reethi.I thank Satya for scanning the pictures as I dint make a copy then.This experiance gave me confidence that I could try something in colours too.I tried everything that was at hand to draw these...colour pencils,pens,crayons and sketch pens. It's been a long time I did these sketches and I am glad that there is an improvement in the sketches I do now.