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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bhanu Pratap
Completed- 07/26/08
Had to do a portrait of a family member during a portrait painting class.My husband had a tough time working on his laptop without moving. I took more than an hour.Well I guess the outcome was not bad as I was never good with portraits.


Prashanth.M said...

The perspective has come out well and the shirt information on the collars is perfect. Keep it up!
What you need to improve the next time is the light information and in the right eye the browns got mixed with the black while the left eye is right!
looks more impressionistic, which is good since impressionism is not on its peak days anymore.
I rate it 7.5 out of ten!

BP said...
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praveena said...

Thank You are right the eyes did not come out well.Since I was new to portrait painting I was skeptical about going back to it.I did not try to be impressionistic, I did this as a workshop assignment and was following my instructors demo.

చేతన said...

hmm.. guess I dint check your blog in days.. Good work and great improvement considering your ability/inability when it comes to portraits/faces..