My Paintings

Thursday, January 17, 2008

IT- BHU (Through my Husband's Memories)
Completed Jan-17-08
I always wanted to get BHU onto paper or canvas for my husband. I have never seen someone love his/her school so much. I do not have much practise with paintings so decided to go for pencils and try how my idea would workout and if it comes out well then onto canvas some day in future.

I am glad I did not do it for his B-Day.I know the sketch was a disaster. There is something which is really going very wrong with the way I handle colour pencils and I have no clue about it.
This sketch kind of got me onto the ground. I was getting over confident and kind of getting obsessed with the thought that my work has to be good when it comes to pencils. This sketch was kind of an eye opener.

Conclusion a bad drawing and a bad photograph. The sketch is not as bad as this photo.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lone Tree
Completed Jan-10-08
My first sketch of 2008- Inspired from Chetana's blog(
When I was looking at Chetana's blog(my senior), there was something in this photograph. The moment I saw it I wanted to try this with colour pencils. I had a very tough time blending the colours. The final outcome was not very smooth but I have not explored colour pencils much and have to learn and practice a lot.
I tried hard to take a good picture of the sketch but this was the best shot I could get.