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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Completed 03/25/08
Pencil sketch
Source- A photograph from banaras.
I came across this photograph while browsing for Banaras photos. The picture looked very interesting but I could not draw the front view of the boats properly. I wanted to send this picture for any beginner shows but too late to correct the boats as I have already applied the final fixative.
The above photograph is lighter than its original sketch.


చేతన said...

bagundi. shading chala baga vacchndi. boats vishayam lo 3d sarigga raledemo..

BTW, I was planning to email you the following link.

praveena said...

Ya chetana but as usual I did not take the photograph properly...The actual sketch is dark compared to this one. I would not say the boats came perfect but at the same time they are not as bad as they look in this photo.

చేతన said...

I think the photo was okay.. shutter speed 1/86 secs is not bad. anduke shake/blur raledu.

BTW, here is another link.

Anonymous said...

Your sketches are damn good!

praveena said...
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కొత్త పాళీ said...

చాల బావుందండీ!
మీ షేడింగ్ టెక్నిక్ సూపర్.

praveena said...

Thanks andi. front view boats sarigga veyadaniki raledu kani correct cheyadaniki chance ledu, final fixative apply chesesanu.

pradeepa said...

Hi Praveena,

Really appreciate ur efforts in doing the portrait. But it needs little more practice to do it better I guess. All the best.

What you said about a 'A photograph at Banaras' was right.

With the same contunued efforts you'll be a nice artist one day. All the best.