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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shades of the Sky
This painting gave me a tough time as I was running against time and I do not have much idea that red and yellow take long time to dry. I worked on the second layer before the first one was completely dry so lifted some some paint from the first layer, so had to wait for a week to make corrections. I used liquin sometimes for faster drying which made the painting glossy in few places and I had no clue why. Luckily in my class I was told not to worry about it, all I need to do is apply varnish after a month and the whole painting will get the gloss.
I am very happy with the painting and the gloss here and there actually looks good. This painting was a huge learning experience related to the character of the materials.


Siri said...

చాలా బాగుంది :)

Swarna said...

Wonderful painting.....Very natural

Deepa said...

Loved your painting.
I was suprised this painting that looked so natural.
The glossy look gave such a real feel that I wanted to touch the waters.

Lovely painting!! I loved the colours. You made such a beautiful painting with such less colours!! That is talent!!

praveena said...

Thank you Siri, Swarna and Deepu

Pavani Sriram said...

fabulous painting...very natural.

praveena said...

Thank You Pavani

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