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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lone Tree
Completed Jan-10-08
My first sketch of 2008- Inspired from Chetana's blog(
When I was looking at Chetana's blog(my senior), there was something in this photograph. The moment I saw it I wanted to try this with colour pencils. I had a very tough time blending the colours. The final outcome was not very smooth but I have not explored colour pencils much and have to learn and practice a lot.
I tried hard to take a good picture of the sketch but this was the best shot I could get.


చేతన said...

Ooh awesome... but I felt for a moment that I've seen this somewhere.. :-) .. I then realized what you meant when you said you would give me surprise in your last email. Very well done Praveena.. I guess your sketch is much better than my picture. And I agree, like you mentioned on your blog, yours is an "inspired" sketch, not a remake/dubbing.

Anonymous said...

wow, is this for sale?

praveena said...
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రాధిక said... words.amazing

praveena said...

Thank you Radhika.