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Monday, October 30, 2006

Completed around Dec-03
This is one of my favorite sketches, I did this combining different paintings and slight imagination too.

Completed around March-04

Proportions of lord Siva are not correct, but I din't realise it until my sister pointed it out. I like the way the cow turned out.

Completed in 2002(don't remember which month)
This was my first sketch where I tried shading.I did the outline and kept it aside for a month as I was not sure about how to shade.This is a perfect example: I generally don't have patience to work on a sketch after a certain time. I worked hard on this but dint have the patience to draw the mouse properly.

Completed in Aug-03

I was very skeptical when I started this as I was drawing after a long gap.

Completed in Feb-05

"Ganesha" dint come out that well but this sketch took a very long time and I dint have patience to work on this any longer


Pavani Sriram said...

awesome works!details in the last one were really amazing...

VARTHINI S said...

Nice Drawing ...

keep it up